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I always strive and aim to provide good quality services for all.

Please do see and read my Consultancy Terms and Conditions document


Any comments, compliments and complaints will help myself to improve the services I supply, please do feel free to get in touch, via any format you prefer.

If you have been satisfied with the service I've provided, please do provide your feedback. I  will use this information to improve my services, for the benefit of future customers.


I continually review and update the sessions I deliver, please do feel free to contact me with ideas and thoughts, especially in the area of resources that are useful. Any suggestions or ideas about how my services could be improved, would be most welcome, to evaluate my performance and to add to my own continual personal development.

Should you have any reason to complain, please contact myself as soon as possible. It would be beneficial to myself if you could be as focused and direct as possible . The following would be useful:

  • The date the incident(s) occurred 

  • The names of any people involved 

  • The nature of the complaint as specifically as you can 

  • The aspect of the incident/situation that you are unhappy about 

  • I will acknowledge receipt of your complaint as soon as possible and then investigate the incident fully within 10 working days.

  • If there is any reason to delay the investigation I will inform you as soon as possible as to the reasons for this delay. 

  • You will receive a formal reply to the outcome of the complaint within 20 working days.

  • If you are not satisfied with this response, where possible I will arrange to meet you personally, or virtually in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned, respecting that these next steps have to be safe and accessible for all.

If you have concerns regarding any organisation that I have worked for, (it is to do with a specific presentation for example) or am affiliated to, please feel free to contact them direct also.

April 2024

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