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 Testimonials and Feedback

"Amazing! Would 100% recommend to people. I have learnt so much. Such a passionate and intelligent individual".

"Tigger is a really great teacher, and he is very passionate about what he does, which makes what we do worth while". 


"Amazing course, with such a great tutor, lush, thank you so much" 

"A very interesting course, easy to follow and to listen to, with valuable information that we can definitely use in the class". 

"This was the most engaging and interesting information on PDA I've seen". 

"Fab and enthusiastic presentation, something I wish all educators and professionals would watch, the education world needs more Tiggers"

"Tigger, Wow! You taught us so much in an hour that we took 15 years to figure out! You've reassured us we're not imagining things!"

"His passion for educating others on neurodiversity is unmatched and highly professional. I have learnt a lot from following his posts and resources shared in the autistic community. There is a huge need for this type of advocacy and it certainly goes a long way in educating other professionals, parents and education. Tigger is also an asset to the PDA community, helping educate others and spreading awareness of this lesser known profile of autism".

"Tigger has changed not only my sons life, but also ours. His input has helped him to develop more skills and to do more in the community and his life". 

"The training was fantastic and we’ve had some brilliant feedback. They were so positive about yours and the human element of it and real understanding of how things are for Autistic individuals and it being from their perspective. 

"Tigger is an Autistic ADHD man who has experienced significant trauma in his own life, in his own words "Because of that I can do things that are good", and boy does he. Tigger has been working tirelessly for decades to change society for autistic people, and to create access to communication and understanding across the Neurodivide".


"Tigger has bravely been sharing insight from behind the scenes. And sharing how he copes, his Tigger toolkits, and in doing so he brings hope to many people who might otherwise feel as if they, or their loved one, will always be out of their depth in this world. "Because of that I can do good" Tigger turns his professional and personal insight outwards into the world to do good on an unending basis. The world needs a few more Tiggers".

"You are a wealth of knowledge! Thank you for our session and for providing so many exceptional resources. Your passion shines through!"

Fantastic well of knowledge. Brilliant that we can ask questions throughout and relate answers to real situations".

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