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Low Arousal Approach (Understanding Autistic Self/Tigger Pritchard)


I first  came across the "Low Arousal" approach many years ago. Recently I've modified my  way of using the "Low Arousal " approach to include the following, to "Understand the Autistic Self".


I look at the Autistic individual as a whole, and see how the outside world interacts with their specific Neurotype difference, what areas cause anxiety, sensory, communication etc. I then look at what we can do to reduce anxiety in these areas. 

Using such ideas as "Tiggers Toolkits" to develop personalised toolkits to reduce anxiety in a variety of environments.

Add to this the importance of understanding one's own routines and stims, and how important hey can be in reducing anxiety also. 

Below are various resources to support in the above. 


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