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My name is Tigger Pritchard, awesomely Neurodivergent and passionate about reducing

anxiety for all. To help all Neurotypes understand each other, to bridge the Neurodivide.

From my base here in the Southwest of England  I offer support and consultancy to individuals

who are Neurodivergent (Autistic/PDA/ADHD), and their families. 


I also offer training and consultancy to corporate organisations, educational settings,

workplaces care providers and social organisations. 


I'm also a regular conference keynote speaker and presenter both nationally and globally.

Presenting both face to face and online. ​​​​​​

Neurodivergent individual + Environment = Outcome

Autism plus the environment equals the outcome. That outcome might be positive or negative, but the person who is autistic remains the same, it is the environment that leads to the outcome”. (What is the environment?)

“So, if you want a successful outcome, and you recognise the Autistic individual cannot change their brain, then the only thing you can change is the environment”.   Dr Luke Beardon 2017

I can help you change the environment = Positive outcome

So, what is the environment? It's a combination of many different areas, these include, not fully understanding the differences of Neurodivergent individuals, sensory, communication, social and cultural. Unconscious bias, continuation of the medical model of care, outdated training and the perpetuation of myths. I can help you to change your "environment" to be Neuroaffirming for all. 

I'm also a Regional Makaton Tutor with over thirty-three years experience. To find out more please click the Makaton Tutor box.


I offer reduced fees for Parent/Carer Groups, CIC's and charitable organisations.  Please contact me for further information.

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