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I've been a Makaton Regional Tutor for over thirty four years! I teach a wide range of Makaton workshops and offer communication support in other areas.


Possibly one of the longest serving Makaton tutors ever, it has played a very important part in my personal and professional life over many decades. 

I started my journey becoming involved with my local Deaf Community, learning the early stages in British Sign Language, (BSL). Then I found Makaton, and started using it with individuals I was working with in the late 1980s. I saw the incredible difference using Makaton made, the improvement in communication and reduction in anxiety for all.

From there, I became a Makaton Tutor, and my journey sharing my passion began.


  • I work across the whole of the UK, face to face and online. 

  • I deliver Makaton Taster Sessions and Makaton Workshops: Levels 1-2-3 and 4 (Click the box "Makaton Workshops" for more information).

  • I can also deliver revision sessions for individuals  who have completed previous training. please contact me for details. 

  • Training across a very wide variety of environments, settings and ages over the years.  Including Early years, School, Colleges, Universities, workplaces, supermarkets, churches, cafes, buses/taxis, care providers, parents, carers, families and friends.

  • Designed and co-delivering peer tutoring

  • Individual assessments and training 

  • Translating songs and documents​

  • Also trained in Talking Mats, experienced in Widgit, Boardmaker, Photosymbols and many other methods of Alternative and Augmentative Communication, (AAC).

Do visit the Makaton Website and my Makaton Resource page to find out more. 

Examples of Organisations and establishments where I have delivered Makaton Training. 

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