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TiggerTraining (herby referred to as Myself, me or I) are committed to providing a confidential service to my clients. 


  • No information given to the me will be shared with any other organisation or individual without the user’s expressed permission unless there are safeguarding implications. (See Policy)  

  • For the purpose of this policy, confidentiality relates to the transmission of personal, sensitive or identifiable information about individuals or organisations (confidential information), which comes into the possession of myself through my work. 

  • TiggerTraining may at times hold personal data about individuals, clients and other organisation that I work with which will only be used for the purposes for which it was gathered and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of my business without prior permission.

  • All personal data will be dealt with sensitively and in the strictest confidence internally and externally.




The purpose of the Confidentiality Policy is to ensure that all individuals, understand my requirements in relation to the disclosure of personal data and confidential information.




  • All paper-based and electronic data must be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and must be secured against unauthorised access, accidental disclosure, loss or destruction.

  • All personal paper-based and electronic data must only be accessible to those individuals authorised to have access.


Statistical Recording 


  • I am committed to effective statistical recording of the use of its services, through completed evaluation forms, in order to monitor usage and my performance. 

  • Any statistical records given to third parties, such as to support funding applications or monitoring reports for organisations that we provide my services to, or the local authority, shall be produced in anonymous form, so individuals or organisations cannot be recognised.



  • I predominantly keep digital records upon my main computer and are also backed up on an external hard drive.

  • These digital records are kept upon a biometric accessed computer and hard drive using windows 11.

  • Individual folders are then further encrypted via separate encryption software, with a double keycode access.  

  • This hard drive is kept in a locked cabinet. 


Breaches of Confidentiality


  • I recognise that occasions may arise where I may feel they need to breach confidentiality.

  • This could do with a safeguarding concern.

  • Confidential or sensitive information relating to an individual may be divulged where there is risk of danger to the individual, a volunteer or employee, or the public at large, or where it is against the law to withhold it.

  • In these circumstances, information may be divulged to external agencies e.g. police or social services on a need to know basis. 


Legislative Framework


Tiggertraining will monitor this policy to ensure it meets statutory and legal requirements including the Data Protection Act, Children's Act, Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and Prevention of Terrorism Act. 


Confidential Paperwork


  • In accordance with my privacy and confidential policies, any documents, paper based or digital, relating to my employment, will be stored in a locked filing cabinet, and/or digitally in password protected folders upon my computer only.

  • As mentioned, any information sent to me, will be sent at your own risk.

  • I will do my utmost to ensure it is stored in a safe and secure way, and shredded/securely deleted upon competition of my employment.

  • If training, within 24 hours of competition. If consulting, this will be discussed with my “point of contact” and all documents will be shredded/deleted within 24 hours. 

  • If there is any information of cyber breach, I will inform the Data Protection Officer and my point of contact for the relevant employment(s) at relevant organisations/individuals.


I confirm I have completed data protection training. I also hold a current DBS check.


April 2024

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