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Information Pages and Groups

Bridging the Neurodivide | Facebook

The Autistic Path

The Sensory Projects

Sensory Spectacle


ARFID Awareness UK

seND - free SEND and EHCP Advice

Not Fine in School: Family Support for School Attendance Difficulties

Sunshine Support

The SEND Collaborative | Facebook

Autism Understanding Scotland

Autism Support Specialists Lancashire - Reachout ASC

Thinking Persons Guide to Autism

Ask me I'm a ACC User

Parenting Autistic Children with Love & Acceptance

Libby Hill Speech & Language Therapist (



Helen Autistic Realms

Thinking Persons Guide To Autism

AllMatters Neurodiverse Jersey | Facebook

No Nonsense Neurodiversity | Facebook


Autistic Woman and NonBinary network 

Spectrum Gaming 

NeurodiverCity C.I.C. – By and for Neurodivergents

The Autistic Teacher

Home | Autistic Social Worker

The Art of Autism nonprofit (

 Neurodive | Facebook

Autistic and living the dream | Facebook

Speaking of Autism… – An autistic speaks about living with autism. (



PDAers and Families


Sally Cat PDA Page

Julia Daunt-me, myself and PDA

Autism with love publishing

The PDA Resource

PDA Parenting

Steph's Two Girls

Missing the Mark

Pda & Us

The Lightbulb Moment PDA CIC

Me Just Me


PDA Society

PDA North America

PDA New Zealand

Journeys With PDA


My Life Is Not a Lament

Kirsty Forbes 

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