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  • Please read my Consultancy Terms and Conditions

  • I am not a professional therapist of counsellor. I use my professional experience and personal insight when consulting with individuals or families.

  • I will require emergency contact details, both phone and address, (from where the consult is taking place), upon the initial consult form. This will not be shared unless I have major concerned about the welfare of the individual I am consulting with, (adult or minor).

  • With permission of all individuals concerned, our consult can be recorded. Upon completion I will send via “WeTransfer” to your approved email. I will delete my copy here after you confirm delivery.

  • Nothing we discuss will be shared with a third party, unless I have concerns about the safety and wellbeing as noted above.

Individuals under 18 years of age.

  • For individuals under 18 years old, I will require conformation of permission from a parent/guardian/responsible adult before we begin. I prefer this via email, in writing or recorded.

  • A parent or guardian will be present at all interactions

Use of Zoom/Teams etc

  • When in contact via a digital device, I will discuss our safety before we begin the session. 

  • When using Zoom/Teams etc, be aware that everything we say can be heard, and that the image behind you will show your present environment, which may be your home.

  • I use the “Admit” feature on Zoom to ensure that the contact is only you and I.

  • Computer and records security

  • I use Zoom when consulting, ( I can use other formats). All my electronic devices require several levels of security, Biometric, to pin/swipe pattern to then access folders etc.

  • Please so see my other policies upon my “Contacts” page upon my website.

  • I also hold a Public Indemnity Policy, have an enhanced DBS and am a member of the ICO

April 2024

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