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I regularly check and review Government and NHS advice in this area. Though the pandemic is now considered a much less threat to our society as a whole, I am conscious that my work will bring me into contact with vulnerable individuals  and those that will work with said individuals in a variety of settings. The awareness of current good practises, linked to an overall safe and respectful approach is paramount to my professional work. 

  • I will adapt to the latest Government advice as it changes. In addition to the present guidelines I personally I have put in place the following measures to keep myself safe and allowing myself to continue with face to face work:

  • I am fully vaccinated and have relevant boosterand will provide evidence if required.

  • I test using the Covid-19 Rapid Lateral Flow Test and take my temperature especially when presenting and visiting sensitive areas.

  • I continue to take person measures to wear a face covering in crowded/enclosed spaces, to socially distance to use an approved hand wash.

  • When working face to face, I ensure that there is suitable ventilation and social distancing. 

  • If I am experiencing coronavirus symptoms, been in close contact with an individual who has tested positive and required to isolate under Government guidelines for any other reason, I will contact you as soon as possible.

  • If I test positive close to our session I will inform you immediately.  

  • If you may require additional and/or altered support and I will fully adhere to any guidelines you may have in place.  Please let me know in advance with your requirements.

  • I would appreciate it if you could make me aware of any confirmed or potential Covid-19 cases before I arrive at your establishment. Thank you.

April 2024

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