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I provide support and training for all Neurotypes. Using my experience and personal insight to support all upon their journey of understanding being Neurodivergent.  I provide this for a wide range of organisations, establishments, families and individuals.


More and more I'm seeing the need for bespoke training and content. I'm more than happy to do this, working alongside individuals to meet your specific requirements. I'm more than happy to have an initial discussion and more if required before the training takes place to ensure I meet your needs.

All the training below can be offered from short sessions to a full day, as required. Participants will receive a copy of the presentation and certificates.


  • Understanding Neurodivergent Individuals (Autistic)

  • Understanding ADHD

  • Sensory Differences and Neurodivergent Individuals 

  • What it means to be Autistic/Exploring my Neurospicy Self,  a personal journey​

  • Supporting Neurodivergent individuals at work

  • NeuroKits, How Neurodivergent Individuals can reduce anxiety every day.

  • An Introduction to Monotropism

  • ARFID (Avoidant Food Restrictive Intake Disorder) 

  • Reframing behaviour and introduction to the Low Arousal Approach

  • Supporting Neurodivergent individuals in education.

  • Neurodivergent friendly environments and relaxed performances.

  • Autism and ageing, what we know so far.

  • Creating Neurodivergent Champions

  • An introduction to PDA.

  • PDA and education.

  • PDA, hidden demands, culture and how to reduce anxiety.

  • PDA Approaches for home and everyday life

  • PDA and ARFID

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