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Consultancy and Mentorship

I work with individuals, families, (Autistic, ADHD, PDA, Neurotypical) and organisations, (corporate, education, social services, health and justice). From my base here in Cornwall, England, I'm able to reach all via any format they feel most comfortable with. (Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc), face to face and/or upon any device (Telephone, mobile, tablet, computer).

I am not a trained councillor or therapist. I use my professional experience and personal insight when consulting within Educational and Care establishments. All of my Consults are confidential and all records are held security protected. I hold an enhanced DBS Certificate. (Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate-Update Service UK, accessible via the DBS update service), and have Personal Indemnity Insurance and I'm ICO Registered. 


Please see my policies page for more information and do read my Consultancy Terms and Conditions for a full overview.

My personal professional development

Our Communication, Interaction and Sensory Requirements

If you have any specific sensory/communication requirements, please do let me know, as a Neurodivergent individual I will do my utmost best to accommodate you. Thank you.

Being Neurodivergent I have specific communication and interaction requirements that will differ on a daily basis. Before any interaction I may ask questions to ascertain these requirements at that moment in time. I may on occasions, especially if contact is face to face, be accessing my sensory/stimming toolkit. I may also ask for reasonable adjustments regarding environmental issues. (Such as bright lights, clutter etc).

Post Diagnostic/Self identification support 

The  journey after diagnosis or self identification can be extremely over whelming. ​As Neurodivergent individual I offer input and guidance to support all during this complex time. Discussing your thoughts at this part of the journey, mentoring and signposting. It is vitally important that you are signposted to Neurodivergent groups, publications and resources, this can make such a positive difference.                                                                          

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