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Family and Individual Consultation Policy 

This document sets out how I work, what I charge for my work, and our responsibilities towards each other should you choose to book me.

Deciding services and costs. (These are family and individual Consultation costs only).

  • After first contact, we will agree upon a date/time for our initial discussion.

  • I charge £40.00 for a forty-five-minute consult.

  • Thereafter I charge £60.00 for each hour’s consultation.

  • Prices are focused to enable accessibility for families. If funds are an issue, please do let me know, my wish is not to exclude those that need help and support.

  • Booking and payment are via CALENDLY


  • If you cancel within two days or less prior to the booking you will be liable for the full fee payable. If for any reason I am unable to attend, I will contact you as soon as possible to re-schedule a new date and time to suit yourself as soon as possible.


  • Once you are happy with what we have discussed you can book a suitable date for our meeting. Once we have agreed the date we will be contractually obliged to each other. I will be contractually obliged to provide the services we have decided, and you will be obliged to pay me for those services and the associated expenses.



Please complete the initial consult form, (link found in website page), and email to me before our first consultation.

Accepting this document.

Upon receipt of this document please email to confirm that you accept the terms. Unless you state otherwise in our emails, I will take our continuing correspondence to indicate acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you have any concerns about the stipulations laid out in this document, please let me know so that we can discuss and resolve any issues. Thank you


April  2024

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