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The understanding of what it means to be Neurodivergent, (Autistic, ADHA, PDA etc) is continually changing and updating.


The increasing involvement of Neurodivergent individuals and their families, and the amount of professions that at last are listening and learning from us is also growing and changing every day.

As with many other minorities, it can be very difficult to be aware of the most up to date terms, ways of addressing individuals, issues with labelling and so on. The internet has some very damaging and out of date information, even from areas that might be considered authoritative.  Using outdated terms and images causes the perpetuation of myths, stigma, negativity and can have an extremely damaging effect upon Neurodivergent individuals and their families.

In the first instance, "Nothing about us without us" is a very positive place to start. Listen to and learn from Neurodivergent led organisations and individuals.  

Use the box link above to explore resources upon terms and the correct use of images, and do feel free to get in touch directly to discuss further. 

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