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Newly Diagnosed/Identified

Welcome to your Neurokin :)

The journey to diagnosis/Identification can be complex time. For some of us, it's a chance to reflect upon our identity, to realise and to understand more about our past in order to make sense of who we are.  To truly understand ourselves at last and move towards a better future. Our sense of self can be greatly affected by the level of understanding of the professionals that we've accessed, that understanding differs across the Country.  The resources/links here are a mixture for parents and individuals.

From my personal experience, meeting and learning from my Neurokin has been so instrumental in my journey. Listening to actual Neurodivergent voices is so important.

I've listed some resources below that I hope may be of help. As with many of the links upon my website, some may not be totally up to date with language etc. Good luck with your journey forward, and again, welcome to your Neurokin. (To support accessibility, please feel free to access the Web Accessibility icon up in the right hand corner of this page).

Please be wary of overload and any possible triggers. There is a lot of information on this page and within these resources/links. These resources and links are based for individuals over the age of eighteen (Adult), please do check for suitability.


Where to start: Neurodivergent Courses


Your Autistic and sensory Profiles

When mentoring Neurodivergent individuals I often work alongside them so that they can build their own "Autistic Profiles". Personalised  profiles that can grow with an individual as they gain more of an understanding of their Neurodivergent selves. Have a look at some examples below.

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